1. The office staff in the college is cooperative and helpful:*

2. The library staff is cooperative and helpful:*

3. Online educational resources are available and accessible in the library:*

4. Internet facility provided in the Library is satisfactory: *

5. The prescribed books / reading materials are available in the library: *

6. Equipment in the lab(s) is in good working condition: *

7. Results are displayed by the college: *

8. Separate common rooms for girls and boys are available: *

9. Toilets / washrooms are clean and properly maintained: *

10. The classrooms are clean and well maintained: *

11. The campus is green and eco-friendly: *

12. Clean drinking water is available in the college campus: *

13. The buildings / classrooms are accessible to disabled persons: *

14. The campus has adequate power supply: *

15. Our grievances are redressed / problems are solved well in time: *

16. The functioning of the placement cell in the college is satisfactory: *

17. Continuous efforts are taken by the college to improve the quality of teaching and learning: *

18. The college takes interest in strengthening its ties with industries, professional bodies etc: *

19. The college promotes student exchange, internship etc. programmes for providing new opportunities to students: *

20. The mentoring process of the college helped me to identify my strengths and face challenges: *

21. The overall teaching and mentoring process of the college is excellent: *

Suggestion if any:

Student Roll No.:*



Academic Year:*